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Interlude Program services

Educational Consulting

Academic planning to achieve the completion of the study plan within the available time period, guidance, assistance in decision-making, determination of the academic path, and provision of academic and advisory information to identify specializations that suit the student's mental abilities and tendencies

Study Abroad

Providing admissions for individuals and scholarship students from accredited language institutes and universities, BA - MA - PhD - Building Based on the student's personal, academic qualifications, and work experience, taking into account budget, city, and other preferences


Interlude has experience in issuing all types of visas for individuals and groups, including Visas, academic, tourist, medical and commercial

Tourism and entertainment programmes

We design tourism programs for individuals, groups, families and sports academies to learn about cultures and different civilizations in the world

Training and specialized courses

Interlude seeks to contribute to raising the level of the world and skills to meet the needs of the labor market and upgrading the capabilities of the rising generation in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030